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Administrative Questions

How do I contact WSI Paid Search?

For the fastest response to your question, please submit a ticket to and an available team member will get back to you ASAP.

I need help with some estimates for a prospect. Can you help?

Absolutely! Please fill out the Proposal Request Form and we can turn around a proposal in 1-3 business days.

What is the minimum advertising budget needed to work with WSI Paid Search?

Our minimum budget requirement is $1500 per month.

I successfully closed a sale! How do I get a project started with WSI Paid Search?

Congratulations on your sale! To get the process started, you will need to fill out an online Campaign Brief Form. Once you have filled out the form, our project coordinator will contact you with next steps.

How long will it take for my campaign to go live?

Assuming there are no unforeseen issues during launch, we can get a campaign live within 7 to 10 working days.

Who will install tracking codes on my client's website?

We offer FREE* Tracking Code installations for all PPC projects run with WSI Paid Search. However, if your client has a preferred developer, we ask that they install the necessary tracking codes.
*To keep this service free for our clients, we have partnered with a fantastic web development team in India.

Which reporting platform do you use? When will I receive my reports?

If you are on our Platform Model, you will be using our fantastic reporting software, Ninjacat. 
A username will be created for you, and you will be able to access all of your PPC projects in a single view. You will also have access to a live reporting dashboard for each of your accounts, along with call and conversion reporting.
Automated monthly reports will be sent on the 1st of every month, summarizing previous month’s data. Additional reports can be created on request.


Campaign Related Questions

My campaign launched recently. Why isn't it consistently spending the daily budget?

In many cases, a campaign can take up to a few weeks to start regularly spending its daily budget. Contact your account manager to discuss optimization strategies for your campaign.

Why cant I see my client's ad on Google?

A number of factors play a role in determining why your ads may not be showing on Google. In many cases, Google chooses to spread ad impressions evenly throughout the day and may not show your client’s ad every time it is eligible to show. This is so your client’s budget does not run out too early in the day. In other cases, factors such as limited budget, ad schedule or low CPC bids may contribute to your ad not showing. Contact your account manager to find out why your client’s ad may not be showing.

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