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WSI Paid Search

Search Engine Pay Per Click

Search Engine PPC includes conventional search engine keywords with text ads for all businesses, as well as Shopping campaigns for ecommerce clients. Search PPC is often the first port of call for lead generation and we are happy to help.

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Display & Remarketing

Remarketing allows us to target the 95%+ of people who do not convert on your client's website on their first visit, whilst Display advertising on Google, Facebook & LinkedIn allow us to grow your client's online brand awareness.

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Comprehensive ROI Tracking

We offer complete transparency with PPC reporting so that all PPC stats are reported on with call tracking results included. You'll have 24/7 access to the data and we will help you to understand reports any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps we can answer some of your queries before you can even ask them :-)

Testimonials from WSI Consultants

We love working with you as WSI Consultants, and will stop at nothing to help you grow your PPC business and successes. Here's a few testimonies to that effect.

Working with WSI Paid Search has been very educational. With all the changes Google has been making to AdWords, having them help me to navigate through new areas has been incredibly helpful. Their work is methodical and careful, testing before moving on to the next thing.

Dennis Masella, WSI

As Google AdWords experts with WSI, WSI Paid Search performed the initial migration of my client’s campaign to the new Google Enhanced campaigns. WSI Paid Search show and explain to me the analytics they follow to determine the course of action that they recommend and performs.

Mark Patton, WSI

WSI Paid Search are true professionals. What I like most about working with them is their in-depth knowledge of AdWords and their ability to prioritize on the areas of the campaign that will have the greatest impact.

Gregg Towsley, WSI

Order PPC Campaigns

Coming soon, you will be able to order all PPC, Display & Remarketing campaigns online for your clients, with optional call tracking and landing pages included. Stay tuned, and contact us for all sales and ordering queries in the meantime!

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